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Paradise Revealed
re-animation of place

Pines Garden, St Margaret's Bay and Levels 5 & 6, Charlton Shopping Centre, High Street, Dover
15 May - 13 July 2008
Norbert Francis Attard, Lesley Beckett, Robert Jarvis, Ebru Özseçen, Allen R Page, Gary Perkins, Mark Parry, Claudia Pilsl.

This two site project offers a dynamic range of temporary interventions including sound, colour, installation, video/film and text. Both locations have a predetermined identity and function; the artists will bring alternate interpretations which both articulate and question these identities. While their practices are diverse, the artists all share an interest in architecture and environment, both natural and constructed.

Norbert Francis Attard's practice employs several disciplines including architecture (within which he has had a twenty year career), sculpture, video and photography to explore his major interests in places and their memories. Originally from Malta and working on the sister island of Gozo, Attard blurs the boundaries of these disciplines to incorporate the irreducible physicality of sites, and to explore the sediment layers of memory. He treats memory as a product of place, of social interaction and as a generative process.

Norbert Francis Attard - car park

Norbert Francis Attard - garden

Ebru Özseçen is a Turkish artist living and working in Munich who exhibits and develops projects internationally. She has a degree in architecture from Bilkent University's (Ankara) School of Architecture, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design and also studied at Rijksakademie, Amsterdam. Her practice crosses crosses sculpture, installations, video and photography; it is informed by the dualities of interior/exterior and of the individual and society. As well as participating in Paradise Revealed, Özseçen will also be undertaking a photo commission in May 2008 for Dover's public realm.
Ebru Ozsecen - glass flower heads
Lesley Beckett recently graduated from University College for the Creative Arts Canterbury with a BA (Hons) Fine Art. All her work is site specific, a sense of place and time creating an essential connection to the location. Colour and movement are also important and she has been working at Pines Garden to experiment with materials which play with colour, light and shadow. She will introduce colour to Charlton Centre's monochrome environment.

Lesley Beckett - pink fabric in trees

Lesley Beckett - bird behind mesh

Allen R Page lives and works in Dover District. He is an artist and musician who graduated from KIAD Canterbury with a BA (Hons) Fine Arrt. His interventions frequently use recycled/reclaimed materials pertaining to locale, informing a site speciifc practice in which research, collection and arrangement play their part in response to a particular situation. Page is interested in the topography of Pines Garden which he will reveal by the placement of a simple geometric form - a straight line - which will run through the garden on a north south axis.

Allen R Page - mannequins & artificial flowers


Robert Jarvis is a sound artist, composer and musician who works internationally. His sound installations, Disappear and Magic Stones, won the New Media category of the British Composer Awards in 2005 and 2006 respectively. He has recently been shortlisted for the New Music Award (the equivalent of The Turner Prize). Jarvis defines himself as a sound artist with an active interest in sense of place from an acoustic perspective. He often works with indigenous sound, calling attention to the everyday, which is often overlooked. The process of creating his work, frequently with input from local communities, is as important as the performance.

Robert Jarvis - green sound wave

Robert Jarvis - white sound wave

Gary Perkins lives and works in Ramsgate; he is currently a lecturer at Central St Martin's, London. Perkins defines himself primarily as an object maker, object owner and object user. He has a growing interest in the role of site context and histories, bringing new meaning and narrative to the host location. Perkins' project focuses on thermal imaging and the reanimation of Churchill's bronze sculpture in Pines Garden. Gary Perkins - heat image of Churchill's statue
Mark Parry is based in Thanet; his practice is a reflection on a type of narrative which incorporates aspects of film, architecture and landscape. Through his projects, Parry aims to transport the viewer to another time or place, slowly revealing a parallel universe or event a cut between reality and illusion. he uses a diverse range of found objects and recycled materials, often those with a reflective quality to capture the essence of place and memory.

Mark Parry - shoping trolley & balloons in garden

Claudia Pilsl is an Austrian artist based in Bristol. Her recent work has investigated the relationships between architecture and the natural environment. She often incorporates sound which allows for the manipulation of time. Pilsl defines her practice as cross disciplinary in that she chooses the media most suitable for realising her ideas. Her work in Kent explores boundaries of space, peoples' perceptions of this space and how her interactions might change these views. Claudia Pilsl - Carmel Cottage March 2008

The copyright of the images belongs to the artists.

Artists' Talks

Saturday 17 May 2008, 14.00
Opening reception: 15.00 - 17.00 Charlton Shopping Centre, High Street, Dover CT16 1TT

Saturday 5 July 2008, 14.00
Pines Garden, Beach Road, St Margaret's Bay CT15 6DZ

Info: Christine Gist, curator
tel +44 (0)1304 372 414


Summer Arts Events

Transmission of Knowledge

Work by students at Astor College for the Arts, Dover Girls Grammar School, St Margaret's-at-Cliffe County Primary and Sandwich Technology School produced in response to the Dover District cross-border collaboration Transmettre/Transmit.

St Margaret's Museum, Beach Road, St Margaret's Bay CT15 6DZ
28 April - 11 May 2008
Daily 10.00 - 16.00
Free entry

Info: tel +44 (0)1304 372 414



A symposium for visual arts organisations to investigate new cross-border partnerships and possibilities through the European Union's Interreg IVA programme.

Thursday 15 May 2008, 13.00 - 17.30
The Pines Calyx™, Beach Road, St Margaret's Bay CT15 6DZ
A free event

Info & registration: Sophie Gist, Events Co-ordinator,
+44 (0)7884 052 225

These events are part funded by the European Union through the Interreg IIIA programme with additional support from Arts Council England, South East and SeaFrance Dover - Calais Ferries

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