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The Pines Calyx -

St. Margaret Bay’s Earth Sheltered Events Space

Last Weeks' pictures Architecture Week details (link off-site)
Architecture Week details (link off-site)
Last Weeks' pictures
Pines Calyx stairway CAD representation showing the light on a clear June day

CAD representation of stairway


The Pines CalyxTM is a new healthy and sustainable venue designed as an optimum environment for living, learning and working. Situated in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on the Kent coast near Dover, it is expected to be a catalyst for the development of healthy and sustainable homes, offices and school.

The design of the Pines Calyx combines traditional construction techniques with 21st Century building technologies. This project is being undertaken by the Bay Trust as part of its ongoing programme of environmental initiatives in the locality.

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The main events space can seat up to 85 people for a wide range of commercial and educational events.
Bookings are being taken for the Pines Calyx from May 2006. To make a provisional booking, click here to email us.

Design of the Pines Calyx
The Calyx Project team have been tasked to show how good design can deliver economically and ecologically healthy and sustainable solutions within the built environment. The aspirations of the design are that it combines a benign environmental footprint with a sound commercial return and that it is unobtrusive, blending in within the landscape. Energy assessments of the building indicate that its energy consumption will be of the order of 15 - 20% of conventional resulting in the Pines Calyx being one of the most energy efficient buildings in the country and certainly, the design team believe one of the healthiest.View from the Pines Calyx

The Design criteria include:

  • Construction, by using local materials and low-intensity methods
  • The pre-eminence of local landscape in design
  • Features and methodology enhancing local biodiversity
  • Sequestering carbon
  • Contributing solar-based energy beyond its needs
  • Re-using wastes as ‘food’ for contribution to the building and the immediate vicinity (applying whole-systems recycling/’upcycling’ methodologies)
  • The building will return ‘naturally’ to the landscape at the end of its life

To find out more about the Pines Calyx, follow these links:

Last Week...

Here is a taster of the photographs you can view on our hosted site, Flickr. Click one of the small images, left, and a new window will open with last week’s photos. Once on our Flickr site, you can view past weeks of progress since construction started, in March 2005.

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