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Churchill statue at Pines Garden

Churchillís statue in bronze by Oscar Nemon.

The Pines Calyx project at Pines Garden

The Pines CalyxTM - an exciting ecological building.

Pines Garden resident artists

Art installations at Pines Garden.

Other attractions near St Margaret's Bay

Other places to visit nearby.

Roundhouse shelter at Pines Garden

The roundhouse shelter

Link to Pines Garden lake

Pines Garden Lake


Link to come to Paths and beds at Pines Garden

Paths and flower beds. Link to come soon.

Pines Gardens Labyrinth

The Labyrinth


Link to come soon of the White Cliffs of Dover. St Margaret's Bay

View the White Cliffs of Dover. Link to come soon.

Link to museum page

Garden Cafť




This six acre Garden has many fine features including a cascade and adjoining lake, a specially created grass labyrinth and a roundhouse shelter for picnics if the weather is a bit breezy. There are extensive paths for wheelchair access and lots of seating for visitors to come and relax at anytime of the year.

The Pines Garden has been run organically since the Spring 2002. This is far more than just not using herbicides and pesticides and more to do with working in harmony with the natural systems, composting, recycling waste materials and learning how to use natural predators to control pests.

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Opening Times & Entrance Fees

Pines Garden

All year daily 10.00am - 5.00pm

Adults £3.00

Concessions £2.50

Wheelchairs users £1.00

Children under 14 50p

Groups of 20 and over £2.50

Please note entrance to the museum is FREE.

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